About Us

My name is Maggie and I’m here to help you save a ton of your valuable time (and a good amount of money too!). How? I’ll do that by researching and finding the best products for your body and face.  For years, I’ve been researching and buying beauty products and my goal is that these reviews will prevent you from having baskets full of products you don’t use lol!

In my 20’s and 30’s, I LOVED looking through all the magazines and then heading down to the beauty counters at the big department stores. Why? So I could talk with the perfectly made up women there about the hottest lotions and potions for the upcoming season. By the way, am I the only one who bought all of the products to get the “free” makeup bag? Then, after a week of trying the product, I would ask my girlfriends “Do you notice anything different? I’m using this new product. Doesn’t it make my skin glow? You should try it…I bought it at….J

As I got older, I started getting monthly facials and I would always ask the esthetician a TON of questions. What can I do about these fine lines? How do I keep my skin hydrated in the winter months? What exfoliate or mask should I use for my skin? I always tried my best to keep my skin looking younger!

In the past, if I needed a good referral for a product – I always asked my girlfriends. Now, there are lots and lots of beauty blogs, websites and video tutorials. With this site, I’ll be sharing all of my favorites with you and I’ll also be doing a few of my own as well!

To sum it all up, if you want to make the best product choices without doing all of the research, you’re going to LOVE this site. In “The Lab” I’ll share all of my experiences (the good, bad and the downright awful) so you can choose the best products for your body and face. I promise we’ll have fun, laugh and learn as we navigate the world of “beauty”!

It’s your time to shine…!