Best at-Home Facial Kits: Our Top Picks for 2021

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We all have common stressors that come with our daily life and activities. These stressors can often cause breakouts, acne, and other skincare issues. That’s why we are going to look at some of the best facial kits available on the market. These kits are essential to having fresh, supple skin, and they are also a great way to relax, exfoliate, and refresh the skin.

When we hear about facials, we automatically think of spas. Spas are great, but it is hard to beat a DIY home facial kit! Let’s take a look at some of the best at-home facial kit options.

At-Home Facial Kits Reviews

Alana Mitchell At Home Facial Kit

If you are looking for a facial kit that is suitable for all skin types, look no further, as this product will fit the bill perfectly.


Who says you need to be physically present at a spa to enjoy all of the benefits of being in one or to achieve the flawless skin that you desire?

The Alana Mitchell At Home Facial Kit offers convenience that is second to none. It contains seven products that are essential to achieving a spa-like facial experience. This includes a vitamin C face moisturizer, a peel-off face mask, hyaluronic acid serum, facial cleanser cream, and more. The best part is that these are cruelty-free, organic products.

If you are extremely busy and with little time to spare on rigorous skincare routines or complex regimens, this luxurious yet affordable product offers you a way to inexpensively unwind without having to go through the stress of making appointments and finding a way to get to the spa.

In the comfort of your home, this easy-to-use kit provides as many benefits as you would get elsewhere, and the best part is that you don’t have to be a pro, as these products come with instructions for easy application!

This product works for several skincare issues, but if your core focus is ridding your face of signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines, then you are looking in the right place! The only potential drawback with this product is that there is only one single-use peel-off mask.


  • Made with organic and cruelty-free products
  • Awesome DIY experience for beginners
  • Safe to use
  • Comes with all products needed for a facial
  • Suitable for gifting and travel


  • Only one, single-use peel-off mask


Tata Harper Total Detox Facial Kit

The second product on our list promises to help you destress on your terms while leaving your skin fresher than ever. Say goodbye to traditional spas and the stress that comes with making appointments thanks to this product that aims to keep on giving!


This Tata Harper in-home facial treatment offers you a DIY experience like no other in just seven steps, and it comes with non-toxic products like the restorative eye crème, a mask brush, a full-size purifying mask, and more. Your skin requires essential vitamins for it to maintain its glow, and with little to no effort at all, you can make this happen with the use of the Tata Harper Total Detox Facial Kit.

Is there anything else that can feel as refreshing as skincare products made from premium organic materials? Each of the products contained in this collection is made from farm-fresh materials that come straight from the manufacturer’s gardens. If you want to make sure that your skincare product is made with the freshest products available, then you can be at ease using every product in this package.

This product offers your skin immense benefits, though the price may be on the high side for a self-administered product. Yes, replicating a spa service might be an arduous feat to achieve, but if you are looking for something that offers results like you would find at a spa, then the slightly high price might be justified!


  • No artificial fragrances
  • High-performance products
  • Freshly made with organic materials
  • Aesthetically pleasing package
  • Comes with a DIY guide to show you the process


  • May be slightly pricey for some


Sunday Riley Go To Bed With Me Kit

This list would be incomplete without this truly different and unique product that is tailored to positively renew your nighttime skincare routine experience. This kit has six products and offers your skin immense benefits in a truly attractive and easy-to-use package.


Are you looking for a product that is capable of taking care of fine lines, closing facial skin pores, and generally refreshing your skin? Look no further than the Sunday Riley Go To Bed With Me Anti-Aging Kit.

This is a perfect beauty kit for those who love to end their day with some form of routine. You need not worry whether your skin is sensitive, oily, or dry, as this product works perfectly on all types of skin. It serves as a perfect way to keep your skin fresh and free from the signs of aging.

It is a perfect, fun way to end a day full of activities. The mildly scented products contained in this package are light on the skin and offer your face protection through the night so that you do not wake up with an extremely dry or oily face.

However, being a night-time kit, you can only use it late in the day before going to bed, which might be difficult to fit into some people’s routines.


  • Great for all skin types
  • Very easy to use by yourself
  • Clinically tested materials used in production
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Made with cruelty-free products


  • Can only be used at night


Tatcha Starter Ritual Set

The fourth product on our list will be music to the ears of those who do not like any form of complicated steps when completing their skincare routine!


We know and agree that skincare routines can be daunting to complete, especially when it comes to the often cumbersome procedures that come with applying each product to your face meticulously.

If you would rather find a place to lay your head after a long day at work rather than spend a long time completing a skincare routine, you can jump for joy, as this product is targeted at helping you experience an easy, stress-free, yet extremely effective skincare routine.

If you are looking for a product that was specifically created with the user in mind, Tatcha’s Starter Ritual Set is perfect for you. As the name implies, this product is intended to make completing a skincare routine something you look forward to every day.

Be aware that this skincare set doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution for all skin types, which means that you would need to make your purchase after selecting the product that applies specifically to your skin type. However, the collection boasts a wide variety of products that are tailored for each skin type, including sensitive, dry, oily, or a combination of those factors.

Among other benefits, the set contains products targeted at helping you moisturize, exfoliate, soften, and ridding your skin of fine lines. It is worthy to note that this five-step ritual kit contains some products that will only last for two weeks of use.


  • Budget-friendly price for most people
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Comes with a guide for easy use
  • Products are dermatologist tested
  • Great for use by beginners
  • Made without synthetic fragrances


  • Some products only last for two weeks
  • Must select product specific to your skin type


111Skin Harley ST. London Treatment Kit

This is simplicity at its best. This product set may be small in quantity, but it will show you that great things often come in small packages.


If you have an extremely busy schedule but want your skincare done perfectly, look no further than the 111Skin Harley St. London Treatment Kit. This product comes in attractive packaging that makes it travel-friendly and a unique gift item idea to give a skincare enthusiast. Also, in just two easy DIY steps, you are ready to go!

In this kit, expect to find a nicely packaged meso-infusion overnight micro mask and a hyaluronic acid booster.
It is specially formulated for those with dry skin, so if you have dry skin and you have had a tough time selecting skincare products that were made for your type, here is one that you should be interested in.

Though mild redness may occur from use if you have very sensitive skin, this product was made with carefully tested and selected materials, so you have nothing to worry about!


  • Only two easy-to-use products
  • Offers an uncomplicated routine
  • Excellent for dry, flaky skin
  • Combats dark pigmentation
  • Easy to do it yourself at home


  • Mild redness may occur from use with sensitive skin


Final Thoughts

They say that first impressions last for a long time, and how else can you put your best foot forward than by presenting a perfect face? We hope you can use one or two easy-to-use products from our carefully curated list to improve your skincare routine without a spa!

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