6 Best Body Washes for Eczema 2021

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Eczema can be really frustrating to deal with, regardless if it appears occasionally or on a regular basis. Not only is it unaesthetic, but it’s also uncomfortable – which is why you will want something to treat this problem.

If you are faced with this issue and want to fix it as soon as possible, this guide will offer you a few ideas as to which is the best body wash for eczema that you can use.

While these options have proven to be useful, you might want to consult your doctor and work in close collaboration with him/her during your recovery.

Things to Consider About Eczema Treatment

Basically, an eczema treatment floats around four primary goals:

  • To control the itch
  • To prevent any flares
  • To prevent infections
  • To heal the skin

Treatment generally depends on your skin type and medical history; bust most of the time, you will have to combine remedies and a proper hygiene to get your skin clear once more.

Top 6 Body Washes for Eczema Overview Chart

PictureNameCeramidesPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Puracy Natural Body Wash - Sulfate-Free - Shower Gel & Daily CleanserNo$$$$4.7
2. Cetaphil Restoraderm, Eczema Calming Body WashYes$$$4.5
3. Organic African Black Soap - Raw Organic Soap Ideal for AcneNo$$$4.5
4. Oleavine Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree and Neem for BodyNo$$$4.5
5. Curel Itch Defense Body WashNo$4.4
6. CeraVe Eczema Soothing Body WashYes$$3.6

Buying Your Own Treatment

Aside from the treatment that your doctor prescribes to you, you will also need to “help your body out” as well. You will need to purchase body washes that are not harsh on the skin and that can facilitate healing. Therefore, when looking for the best body wash for eczema, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Look for Moisturizing Formulas. They will lock the water into the skin and ease the itching, redness, and dryness caused by eczema.
  • Use Products That Have Ceramides. These are very important for hydrating the skin.
  • Avoid Body Washes With Strong Fragrances. Scents come from harsh artificial chemicals, and that’s the last thing you want to put on your eczema. If you need to feel a scent, you can simply spray some perfume on your clothes and avoid direct skin contact.
  • Look for Body Washes That Contain Oils. These will prevent your skin from drying out even more and will provide a protective nourishing shield where your eczema can properly heal itself.

The most important thing, regardless of the treatment, is that you need to practice good hygiene. Keep the area clean, but don’t over-wash it because it may dry out. Your skin needs to be constantly hydrated to heal.

Top 3 Best Body Wash for Eczema Reviews

1. Puracy Natural Body Wash

If you have eczemas or you’re extremely prone to an outbreak, then a body wash riddled with chemicals is the last thing you need.

So, what makes this product perfect for eczema treatment is the fact that it doesn’t have any sulfates, parabens, triclosan or any other harsh chemicals.

The formula for this body wash was created by doctors for people with various skin conditions. The foam is coconut-based, which means that the preservatives are all natural, offering a deep moisturizing effect.

The sea salt and citrus mix provides a deep cleansing effect, making your skin feel deeply hydrated and refreshed. You will no longer feel the need of using a moisturizer after you come out of the shower.

2. Cetaphil RestoraDerm

RestoraDerm is perfect for cleansing the skin plagued by eczema for the following reasons:

  • It’s highly moisturizing
  • It’s free of artificial fragrances
  • It’s based on ceramides technology to repair the skin
  • It provides immediate relief from itchy skin
  • It’s free of parabens, nut oil, and steroids
  • It’s packed with nourishing oils

Basically, Cetaphil’s body wash has everything you need in an anti-eczema body wash. It’s recommended for daily use, and it will not dry out the skin. It was designed to hydrate and soothe it, providing relief that is long-lasting.

It’s one of the very few body washes that use the ceramides technology, which is a great aid in treating eczemas.

The formula is safe enough to be used on babies and adults alike, being of great help when other products fail to deliver.

3. Organic African Black Soap

Made with unrefined shea butter, organic coconut oil, and various other moisturizing agents, this body wash has all that it needs to keep free radicals at bay and lock the moisture in.

It is 100% organic, free of parabens, sulfates, fragrances and other chemicals. So, this product is perfect for various skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, dermatitis, and acne.

As you can see, the best body wash for eczema is something that is as natural as possible, with no harsh chemicals that could make your condition worse. Look for organic products with the characteristics mentioned above.

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