10 Best Lice Combs 2021

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They say that the most effective way to get rid of lice would be to use a specially formulated shampoo. Although this might be true, supporting the benefits of your anti-lice shampoo by physically removing the lice with a comb will help speed up the process.

Unfortunately, that typical comb you have in your bathroom won’t be able to pull lice out and away from your scalp and hair. Because these pests can be very small, a special comb with narrow spaces between its teeth is the only real solution for instant removal. The only question you should be asking now is what is the best lice comb that you can use?

Find the answer to that question and discover the best options by reading through this comprehensive guide on buying lice combs.

Top 10 Lice Combs Table

PictureNameElectronicPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. The LiceMeister® CombNo$$4.6
2. Fairy Tales Terminator Lice and Nit CombNo$4.6
3. Nit Free Terminator Lice CombNo$$4.5
4. RID Ridvantage Lice CombNo$4.4
5. Nitz Blitz Lice Comb for Nits Free HairNo$$$4.4
6. Lice Lifters Nit Removal Comb-Microgroved Steel Louse and Nit CombNo$4.4
7. Schooltime Lice & Nit Comb-- Metal CombNo$4.2
8. V-Comb - The Innovative, Allergy and Chemical Free Head Lice TreatmentYes$$$$3.4
9. SEVA USA Lice Comb, Treatment, RemovalNo$3.4
10. LiceGuard RobiComb Electronic Lice CombYes$$$3.3

What Should You Look for in a Lice Comb?

If you’re not familiar with lice combs, you might not know exactly what makes them different from any other comb you might already have. However understanding the specifics of your choice will help you determine whether or not it will truly provide you the benefits you’re hoping for.

Make sure to look for and consider these factors when browsing options so you can separate worthy purchases from potentially unsatisfying options.

  • Teeth Spacing. The spacing of the teeth on your chosen comb will tell you a lot about how well it will work for you. The narrower the spaces, the more likely it will take out lice and eggs that they might have laid on your hair and scalp.

The only issue with a comb that has spaces which are much too narrow is that the process of combing can become a challenge. With little room for your hair to pass through, a significantly narrowly spaced comb can become taxing to use. Choose too wide, however, and you risk leaving behind a large number of lice and eggs.

  • Electronic Combs. To make the process of removing lice easier, there are electronic combs available on the market. These combs operate with batteries or via an outlet, and work much better than typical combs to remove lice and eggs.

Before you purchase one, though, consider this – do you expect to have recurring episodes of lice infestation? Many of those who have lice only experience it once in their lives. So unless you have a family that might experience lice problems at different points in time, buying an electronic lice comb for your own use might not be a smart investment.

  • Make and Material. A lice comb that’s made from flimsy material can easily break. Moreover, if any one of those teeth comes off, you change the spacing and cause faulty functioning.

You’d be surprised just how much tension each comb tooth has to withstand whenever you stroke it through your hair. So buying a lice comb that’s made from cheap materials might limit the use you get out of it when it breaks.

Top 3 Best Lice Comb Reviews

1. The LiceMeister Comb

Designed specifically for parents who want to keep their kid’s lice free, the LiceMeister Comb combines sanitation and effectiveness into one affordable package. This comb efficiently clears the hair and scalp of lice and their eggs, ensuring proper and safe removal of lice without the need for harmful chemicals.

Featuring a smooth, even, and permanently sealed handle, users can be sure that every stroke will be comfortable and easy on the wrist. The design maximizes control, so you can effectively remove lice without having to grasp too hard on the comb and straining your hands or wrist.

The high-quality material is another reason why this product has often been chosen as the best lice comb. Aside from being durable and reliable, the materials used for this comb are safe for boiling. The entire comb retains its shape, durability, and effectiveness even after several cleanings and boiling processes; this helps guarantee that you’ll have an efficient and sanitized comb at all times.

2. Fairy Tales Terminator Lice and Nit Comb

Coming with a lifetime guarantee, this stainless steel comb promises to remove all lice, nits, and eggs throughout your hair and scalp. The design features rubber linings along the handle which make it easier to grasp the comb through even severely tangled and tousled hair.

The comb teeth itself is very narrowly spaced, which helps to efficiently sift the hair of even the smallest pests and eggs. The stainless steel material is easy to clean and sanitize, requiring only a good wipe down to keep it safe for storage and future use.

Despite being a rather robust and durable comb, the teeth are rounded and comfortable against the scalp. This makes it much easier for parents to get rid of lice on their kids’ hair without causing too much pain or discomfort.

3. Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb

Another stainless steel lice comb worth checking out is the Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb Professional Stainless Steel Louse and Nit Comb. This durable comb was built to last and designed to help users remove even the smallest of pests and eggs.

The comb is easy to clean and use. The only problem that some users might face during use is that the very narrowly spaced teeth can make it difficult to run it through your hair without losing a few strands here and there.

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