10 Best Organic Face Moisturizers 2021

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If you thought that we were going to present you with a bunch of creams, whips, lotions or butters in this guide, then you are partially correct.

We will be highlighting the best organic face moisturizer creams, whips lotions and/or butters, but we also have some other unique options that you may not have thought of.

Curious to know what they are?

Continue reading and you’ll find out!

Sometimes, You Just Need One Thing

By this, we’re talking about a single ingredient. Not the cream, whip, lotion or butter, but just one very simple thing: an oil.

There are plenty of skin-friendly oils that you can use in place of a “made-in-the-lab” product from top brand names, and a few of our favorites include:

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Rosehip Seed Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Carrot Seed Oil
  • Avocado Oil

Now, that’s not to say that some of the other products aren’t grrrreat because we will be highlighting them in our table below!

Oils can get expensive and results with them can be slow, so we understand that there are those of you who might not have the patience for them.

There are plenty of ready-to-use organic products that we will be looking at (and many of them use a mixture of some of the oils we mentioned), but we definitely encourage you to incorporate the crude, raw oils into your routine!

Top 10 Organic Face Moisturizers Comparison Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Leven Rose Organic 100% Pure Cold Pressed Unrefined Natural Jojoba Oil$4.8
2. Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil$4.7
3. Facial Moisturizer, Organic and 100% Natural Face Moisturizing Cream$$$4.4
4. Foxbrim Ocean Mineral Lotion & Face Moisturizer$$4.4
5. Coconut Moisture with Retinol Organic Coconut Oil Face Moisturizer$$4.4
6. Best Face and Eye Moisturizer 100% All Natural & 85% Organic Face & Eye Cream By BeeFriendly$$$4.4
7. Radha Beauty Rosehip Oil$4.4
8. Retseliney Revitalizing Vitamin C Night Cream$$4.4
9. Best Daily Moisturizer, Organic & Natural, Facial Moisturizer$$$$4.4
10. Organic Facial Moisturizer - All Natural Face Cream$4.4

“Organic” or Certified Organic?

Organic is a word that can be used any time, any place, so how do you know if you’re really purchasing an authentically organic product? Just because a company uses the term “organic” in their name or in the description of their product doesn’t mean that they are certified organic.

If you want to know, check to see if they are certified.

  • USDA Certified. Products with the official seal of the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) are trustworthy. The logo looks like this:

If you’re purchasing an organic product from another country, then the certification logo will vary.

Remember…if it isn’t certified organic, then it isn’t organic. If a company goes through all of the trouble to get their product certified, then you know that you can trust them.

There are also a few other certifications that you might be interested in looking for, including cruelty-free products that ensure you that they have not been tested on animals nor do they include any animal ingredients:

  • Organic Ingredients. You’ll find quite a few products out there that use organic ingredients but haven’t been certified as “organic.”

That doesn’t mean that they’re totally bogus or that they don’t work.

Obtaining an official certification is a rigorous process that requires a lot of time and money for some companies, and not all of them can go through the process.

If you see a product that has positive feedback from users and you see that they use organic ingredients, then it’s up to you to assess whether or not it’s right for you. Some of those products are awesome and they’ll even tell you the percentage of the product that is organic.

As always, we encourage you to read the labels and understand what you’re putting on your face before you use a new product.

Top 3 Best Organic Face Moisturizer Reviews

1. Leven Rose Organic Jojoba Oil

This jojoba oil is good in so many ways, including the fact that it is organic. It’s just the oil! No parabens or additives and for any of you out there with sensitive skin, less is more.

It can really help those of you who suffer from acne and dry skin.

If you thought that adding this oil to your oily skin would be a problem, you are wrong! It doesn’t make you more oily. Quite the contrary: it helps your face regulate the natural sebum production while providing additional moisture to the areas that may be lacking.

It’s not just limited to your face, either. Use it in your hair, on your lips or anywhere else your skin needs an extra surge of moisture!

This is probably the best organic moisturizer on our list: whether you plan to use it on your face or other areas of your body. We love it!

2. Spectrum Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

This is totally the rage right now and if you haven’t already incorporated coconut oil into your regimen, we suggest that you start now!

Since it can be used both inside and outside the body, it is an extremely useful product to have on hand.

As far as the face goes, you can use it as you would a normal moisturizer. It doesn’t leave an oily, greasy residue because your skin will absorb it as soon as it touches your pores.

Just rub a small amount of oil onto your hands and then massage it into your face.

Let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it off and then pat your face dry with a towel.

3. Christina Moss Naturals Organic Facial Moisturizer

If you’re not interested in oils and you prefer a more traditional option, then you should have a look at something like this from Cristina Moss.

It’s appropriate for all skin types, it is hypoallergenic, doesn’t clog pores, dry out the skin, leave you feeling oily, etc.

It’s not only the best organic face moisturizer on our list, it is also an awesome cruelty-free and vegan-approved moisturizer, too! They also don’t test any of their products on animals and it is free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Now THIS is what we like to put on our skin!

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