10 Best Remineralizing Toothpastes 2021

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Teeth are covered by a thick, hard coating called the enamel. This works as your teeth’s first line of defense against decay and destruction. While it is generally strong and tough, the enamel can be damaged by exposure to certain foods and trauma. When that happens, it will become much easier for your teeth to become damaged themselves.

Remineralizing your teeth is one of the things you can do to stop enamel from giving in to the different elements that your chompers are exposed to. The only trouble now is finding the best remineralizing toothpaste to help you achieve better oral health and defense.

Wondering which ones are really worth the purchase? Find out which remineralizing toothpastes have been tried, tested, and trusted by consumers by following this guide.

Top 10 Remineralizing Toothpastes Overview Chart

PictureNamePaste / PowderPriceRating (1-5)
Paste / Powder
Rating (1-5)
1. The Dirt All Natural Tooth Powder For Organic Teeth WhiteningPowder$$$4.5
2. TruthPaste Natural Toothpaste - Flouride Free - Ayurvedic Toothpaste madePaste$$4.5
3. Colgate Enamel Health ToothpastePaste$4.4
4. Black Pearl Activated Charcoal Teeth WhiteningPowder$$$4.4
5. Black Pearl Activated Charcoal Teeth WhiteningPaste$4.3
6. Uncle Harry's Fluoride Free ToothpastePaste$4.3
7. Redmond Earthpaste Natural Non-Flouride ToothpastePaste$$$$4.3
8. Himalaya Neem and Pomegranate Fluoride-Free ToothpastePaste$4.3
9. Apagard M-Plus toothpastePaste$$4.2
10. Twin Lotus Active Charcoal Toothpaste Herbaliste Triple ActionPaste$4.1

How to Choose Remineralizing Toothpaste

Aren’t toothpastes all the same? While it might seem that way on the surface, differences in formulations can greatly affect the benefits they provide. Considering these factors before you dive into a decision will make it easier for you to narrow your options and buy the best remineralizing toothpaste for your needs on your first try.

  • Organic vs. Synthetic. Synthetic toothpaste is most common, and these come from those big brand names we’ve all come to know and trust. Generally speaking, there really isn’t anything wrong with synthetic formulations, and they’re more or less effective at providing your teeth the minerals they need for protection.

The only issue that some consumers have with synthetic toothpastes is the inclusion of some ingredients that are said to be bad for your health. When you brush your teeth, you will ingest some of the toothpaste you use whether or not you want to. In the long run, these small amounts are said to cause ‘health problems,’ however, no findings have been conclusive.

To avoid the off chance of this happening, you can opt for an organic option. While they aren’t as effective at remineralizing per se, they are considered safer in terms of your overall health.

  • Powder vs. Paste. There are some products that come in the form of powder instead of a paste. Generally, these are used in exactly the same way and are massaged over the teeth with a toothbrush as you would toothpaste. The main difference lies in the remineralization process.

Some studies suggest that paste products leave a film of glycerine over the teeth which could compromise the absorption of minerals. Because powders don’t incorporate glycerine, they’re more capable of providing maximum remineralization.

This on the other hand, comes at the cost of convenience. Pastes are much easier to clean with compared to powders. Also, while powders don’t leave behind glycerine, they do leave behind a powdery, grainy feel in your mouth. For many, this can be very uncomfortable.

Finally, measuring toothpaste is a lot easier because you can simply place a glob on your brush and start brushing. With powder, however, determining whether or not you’ve used enough product to achieve a reasonable clean can be difficult. This could call for the need to re-dip your brush into the powder several times during cleaning.

Top 3 Best Toothpaste for Remineralization Reviews

1. The Dirt All-Natural Tooth Powder

In the search for the best toothpaste for remineralization, you’d be surprised to find that reviews point to a powder. The Dirt All-Natural Tooth Powder for Organic Teeth Whitening is considered by many as the most effective toothpaste for remineralization, which is mostly thanks to its unique organic formulation.

This powder naturally cleans your teeth to achieve an optimal cleanse. It also works to ‘exfoliate’ each tooth and remove plaque and tartar to achieve an unrivaled pearly white glow.

Because it’s all natural and free from potentially toxic ingredients, The Dirt All-Natural Tooth Powder for Organic Teeth Whitening is also safe to use for kids that have dental problems due to poor oral health. So if you’re looking for something the whole family can use, this one is the safest and most effective option.

2. TruthPaste Natural Advanced Botanical Toothpaste

There is no other product that can give you a tooth brushing experience as natural as TruthPaste Natural Advanced Botanical Toothpaste. This product promises to give you an optimal cleanse without abrasive damage to your teeth and gums. It also helps ensure that your teeth’s proper anatomy and structure are maintained and supported for maximum oral health.

Another reason to try out this product is the fact that it’s also a good choice for gum health. It works to massage the gums and provide it with the right nutrients and vitamins through its readily absorbable formulation that’s composed of several essential oils. Also made from organic and natural ingredients, there is very little risk for toxicity with this product, making it another prime choice for family use.

3. Colgate Enamel Health Whitening Toothpaste

If you don’t mind using a synthetic product, Colgate Enamel Health Whitening Toothpaste is the way to go. This premium toothpaste was developed by one of the biggest oral health brands the world over and has been tried and tested by millions all over the globe.

Colgate Enamel Health Whitening Toothpaste locks in minerals by coating your teeth in a thick layer of minerals that reconstruct the enamel and support proper dental health. For just a fraction of the cost of other options, this is an effective and budget-friendly choice that guarantees reliable results.

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