Best Skin Care Tools of 2021 – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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If you want to have natural and healthy skin, you need to stick to a serious skincare routine. An effective routine has to contain essential face creams, steamers, makeup brushes, and many other products.

Skincare accessories are varied, and it can be tricky to get the right ones. For those who have their complete skincare kits already, you also understand that these tools are updated regularly. Therefore, there is a need to stay in the know and upgrade to better accessories that reduce the effort you put into maintaining your skin.

Best Skin Care Tools Review

Dr. Pen Ultima Professional Microneedling Pen

Dr. Pen Microneedling Pen helps its users unlock their beauty and improve their skin condition. This is the solution for those who want glowing skin. The product is effective and created based on the highest American standards to ensure it delivers quality results.


This is the best skincare tool for both beginners and professionals because it is easy to use. The product comes with a user manual to guide you through the first interactions.

The Dr. Pen Microneedling Pen has a stable motor and improved type of cartridges. The tips of the cartridges are gentle on the skin as they open up pores. As the tool opens up the pores, it increases the absorption of facial skincare products by over 500%.

The pen features a new LCD lighting display, which helps you adjust the tool to the required setting. The controls are also easy to find and operate.

This product is portable and wireless, making it easier to carry when going on vacations, and you can use it at any time. The machine has a bigger battery capacity to ensure the tool serves longer before needing a recharge.

To get the best results, you should use retinol, Vitamin C, or acid hyaluronic. These three substances help keep skin naturally healthy and tight.

There is a free-risk money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. This way, anyone can comfortably purchase this tool, and if it does not match their expectations, they can freely return it. Learn more about the refund offer from the included manual.

The only downside with this machine is that it comes with no pre-cleaning products. There are no pads to smooth the skin surface before beginning the skincare routine.


  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Portable and wireless
  • Stable motor


  • No pre-cleaning products


Zemits Skin Expert – Facial Skin Scrubber

The skin scrubber is tested and approved to work by estheticians around the world. Its high success rate makes it a number one option for many spas and estheticians’ rooms. Clients who buy this product have the chance to create a luxurious spa experience in their homes.

Zemits is a famous brand that manufactures quality products such as this scrubber. Use this tool to remove facial and body blackheads, whiteheads, grease, spots, and dead skin.


The face scrubber produces high-frequency vibrations to deep clean the skin’s pores. This high frequency is what makes it deep clean pores effectively.

The Zemits face scrubber offers various adjustable setting options that perform a variety of tasks. For instance, the gentle exfoliating option is meant for sensitive skin such as the eye region. It also has a skin scrubber technology that allows it to get deep into pores and remove oil, dirt, and make-up residue.

Customers have reported that the tool is user-friendly. It is portable and can fit in a bag’s small compartment. The scrubber is also wireless, meaning that you can use it anywhere and at any time.

The machine features a battery with a longer life as it can support the device for up to 8 hours. This is more than enough time to complete your skincare session.

One of the immediate results of using this tool is that it accelerates skin metabolism. This then leads to renewed skin with restored elasticity.

As much as everything about Zemits face scrubber sounds perfect, it does not feature a money-back guarantee. This way, you get no refund if the product does not meet your needs.


  • Tightens skin
  • Improves the skin’s elasticity
  • User friendly
  • Produces high-frequency vibrations


  • Does not feature a money-back guarantee program


Face Massager Skin Care Device

This is the perfect solution for those who have premature wrinkles or expression lines. The skincare device gives anti-aging skin massages to improve elasticity.

The face massager is easy to control and use, and is gentle on sensitive skin. It is also lightweight, making it easy to carry wherever you want. Unlike other massagers in the market, this machine features the best technology that works by generating naturally healthy and glowing skin.


The face massager is a high-frequency device that uses an EMS microcurrent. This feature is what activates the skin and enhances skin tightening. It also promotes blood circulation on the face which improves the skin’s metabolism. This technology also stimulates muscle movements that result in a tighter look.

This skincare device uses high-frequency vibrations to allow skincare products to penetrate the skin. The machine does this to enhance absorption. In the process, the scrubber manages to remove dust and blackheads that might be present.

Another amazing feature of this scrubber is its ability to support a constant temperature of 45 degrees. This temperature level is ideal for the maximum absorption of skincare products.

It takes less effort when handling this face scrubber because it is rechargeable and handheld. The machine comes in a mini size and easily fits in your bag when going for trips or vacations. Also, the battery has a longer life and will serve you for hours before you need the next recharge.

The face scrubber comes with a lot of benefits. Feel free to gift your loved ones this product as it will transform their skin.

Putting all the benefits aside, this scrubber does not include any pre-cleansing products. These accessories help prepare the skin for the cleaning session.


  • Produces high-frequency vibrations
  • Portable and handheld
  • Promotes optimal face cream absorption
  • Removes dust and blackheads


  • No pre-pads included


GX Water Shine Skin Boost Portable Airbrush

This is one of the fastest airbrushes you will find on the market. It is a multi-purpose machine as one can use it for almost all facial maintenance activities. You can not only use it on the face but also the whole body. It is designed to keep your entire body moisturized.


The portable airbrush features the latest Japanese technology, which allows it to complete a basic skincare routine in 60 seconds. This is more than five times faster than what similar machines take. After 60 seconds, the result is restored and hydrated skin with a natural and glowing complexion.

This machine has a nano mist of serum and toner that quickly penetrates the skin. You can use it as a makeup brush when applying skincare products. Ensure that you exert enough pressure to drive all the cream and gel in.

The oxygen-enriched airbrush uses mechanical high-pressure atomization to evenly crush the cream to nano molecules. It becomes easier for the skin to absorb these fine particles. This way, less of your skincare products go to waste.

It is easy to use the airbrush. Most people find it tricky when interacting with the tool at first, but they quickly master its operation. The challenging part is controlling the atomization amount. The manual indicates that you can adjust this setting by rotating the screw placed at the tail of the spray gun.

Turning the screw counterclockwise loosens the screw, and this increases the mist. The movement also lengthens the keystroke travel to the jet button. These tasks might seem complicated, but once you get the product and try it out, you will notice that the buttons are simple.

After your sessions, ensure that you keep this airbrush clean so that it can serve you longer and effectively. It is very easy to clean as all you have to do is use water to unblock the holes. If you used a high-concentration liquid, consider using other cleaning techniques such as warm water.

Unfortunately, there is no money-back guarantee on this product. In case you get a faulty machine, there is no way you can claim your money back or ask for a replacement. This means that you have to be cautious when buying and only source the tool from reputable vendors.


  • Oxygen enriched
  • Features Japanese technology that makes it super-fast
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • There is no money-back guarantee on the airbrush.


BeautyBio GloPRO Regeneration Tool

The main advantage of using this tool is that it supports different attachment heads. These heads are specifically designed to satisfy specific needs.

Some of the available attachment heads are the face attachment head that targets fine lines and wrinkles, the eye attachment head that works on crows feet and fine lines, the body attachment head that straightens fine lines and wrinkles, the scalp attachment head that deals with a thinning hairline and the lip attachment head that helps target lip volume loss and feathering.

The BeautyBio GloPRO Regeneration Tool empowers, enhances, and enriches all skin types. It stimulates the skin which reduces the signs of aging. It is also a good solution for those who want to soften their expression lines.


The BeautyBio GloPRO Regeneration Tool features micro-exfoliating that triggers skin rejuvenation, leading to a smooth, firm, and tight face. The machine also effectively removes oil, dirt, and traces of make-up during the rejuvenation process.

The regeneration tool has a deep-release retinol complex and hyaluronic acid that repairs damaged skin overnight. One must get enough sleep to give the skin enough time for rejuvenation to take place.

Furthermore, the BeautyBio GloPRO Regeneration Tool has a smooth texture at the micro-tip attachment that combines with the Vibro Tactile stimulation. The combination of the two creates a gentle tingling sensation.

Unlike other similar tools, this product comes with pre-pads. Use the pads to remove the invisible residue on your skin. This is a good way to prep your skin for your skincare routine. The pre-pads also clarify breakouts and condition the skin.

The quench feature available enhances rapid skin recovery. This is possible by utilizing the facial cream that helps restore elasticity, hydration, and radiance.

One of the most sensitive regions on the face is the eye area. An eye attachment head makes it easier to target and reach even the sensitive areas and restores firmness.

It is easy to clean the machine. You can decide to use a cloth to wipe off dust and stains from the frame. The frame is made from stainless steel to prevent rusting.

For the attachments, use 70% isopropyl alcohol or higher to disinfect after each use. Do not skip this stage since it will help prevent your skin from getting infections. This is because the attachments interact directly with sensitive skin cells and if they are contaminated, they can cause severe consequences.

After that, let the attachments dry and do not wipe them. Finally, store them safely in a cool and dry space.

One of the main drawbacks of this tool is that it does not operate under constant temperature. This means that it does not enhance absorption as effectively as other machines.

Also, you get no money back if the product does not live up to its expectation. This way, you will have to get a new product if you receive a faulty one.


  • Supports different attachment heads
  • Comes with pre-pads
  • Has a smooth texture
  • Facilities rapid skin recovery


  • Does not operate under constant temperature
  • There is no money-back guarantee



If you are new to the world of beauty and you do not know where to start, the products above are some of the best quality ones to consider. They are reliable, effective, and produce quality results. All the products are simple to use and work on all skin types. Feel free to use their respective product manuals for a better understanding.

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