10 Best Toothbrushes for Receding Gums 2021

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Your gums serve a greater purpose than you probably acknowledge. This part of your oral cavity keeps teeth in place and protects the sensitive structures inside your teeth for optimal health and functioning. If your gums are poorly cared for, you can expect a plethora of different periodontal problems – the most common of which is receding gums.

If you’re experiencing receding gums, it’s high time that you reconsider your oral care practices. Switching out your toothbrush for something that will make your gums healthier is the first thing you should do. Now, if you’re wondering what toothbrush to buy and where can you find it, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, you can learn everything you need to know about choosing the best toothbrush for receding gums and the top picks that have been tried and tested by consumers.

Top 10 Best Toothbrushes for Receding Gums

PictureNameElectronicPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Nimbus® Microfine® Toothbrush REGULAR sizeNo$$4.8
2. RADIUS Original Right Hand ToothbrushNo$$$4.7
3. Dr. Collins Perio ToothbrushNo$4.6
4. CLIO Designer ToothbrushNo$$4.6
5. Oral-B Pro Health All In One Soft ToothbrushesNo$$$4.5
6. Colgate Wave Gum Comfort Soft Compact Head Toothbrush Colors VaryNo$$4.5
7. RADIUS Source Recycled Handle ToothbrushNo$$4.4
8. Electric Toothbrush, Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Electronic Power Rechargeable ToothbrushYes$$$$4.4
9. RADIUS Tour Travel ToothbrushNo$$$4.0
10. DenTrust 3-Sided PERIO CARE ToothbrushNo$3.7

What to Think of When Choosing a Toothbrush for Receding Gums

For as plain and simple as toothbrushes might seem, they actually come in various types. You might be thinking that they all serve the same purpose, but these minor differences can mean the difference between healthier gums and teeth or the need to see your dentist.

Don’t just grab any toothbrush off the shelf – consider these factors to help you choose a proper option for your needs.

  • Bristle Texture. The first and most important thing to consider when buying a toothbrush for your receding gums would be the texture of the bristles. We often assume that harder bristles are better because it gives a stronger feeling of ‘clean,’ but that’s not always the case.

In fact, harder bristles are known to cause serious damage to gums, and for someone with compromised gum health, further exacerbating the issue by rubbing abrasive bristles against the receding flesh is very possible.

For the purpose of gum health, it’s always better to choose softer bristles. These gently massage the gums and clean the teeth in one go to give you healthier gums and teeth and stop recession in its tracks.

  • Manual vs. Electronic. Don’t we all love an electronic toothbrush? Convenient and hassle-free, there are some electronic toothbrushes out there that might work well for your receding gums. However, if you choose something that has a powerful motor in combination with hard bristles, you could easily cause more harm to your gums than good.

If you’re considering buying an electronic toothbrush, think of how much pressure it might cause your teeth. If it seems to be on the more powerful side of the spectrum, opt for a traditional toothbrush instead. This way, you can manually adjust the pressure and speed to optimize your tooth brushing practices for your specific case.

  • Head Shape. Yes, even the shape of the head of your toothbrush will help you determine whether it’s a good choice for your gums or not. Generally, you’ll want something wider than the usual to help you reach farther up and down your gum line compared to a small headed option.

Aside from the shape of the head, the texture and feel of the brush are also things you might want to consider. For instance, a solid plastic head could easily cause more damage to your compromised gums if you accidentally jab it into your mouth. A rubber headed toothbrush, however, can double as a massage tool that you can use to optimize your gum health.

Top 3 Best Toothbrush for Receding Gums Reviews

1. Nimbus Microfine Toothbrush Regular Size

With gum health and periodontal disease in mind, the Nimbus Microfine Toothbrush Regular Size was developed. What makes it an effective tool for enhancing gum health is the fact that it features microfine bristles that are intensely soft and gentle on the oral cavity. These bristles don’t only work well into small nooks and crannies where plaque and tartar might be hiding, but they also gently massage the gums for better health.

The Nimbus Microfine Toothbrush Regular Size is often dubbed the best toothbrush for receding gums because of its optimal design and effective performance. Not only does it resolve existing periodontal problems, but it also enhances gum health altogether. So anyone at risk of developing a gum problem can stay one step ahead and prevent it from occurring.

2. Radius Original Right Hand Toothbrush

With soft bristle and a wide toothbrush head, the Radius Original Right Hand Toothbrush with Soft Bristles is easily the best toothbrush for receding gums if you have a wide space spanning your gum line. The specifically designed toothbrush head shape reaches farther up and down your gums to give you greater ability to soothe any periodontal problems.

The entire head is made from a soft rubbery material that helps massage the gums during the brushing process, and the angled neck makes it easier to reach areas that would otherwise be difficult to access with a traditionally shaped brush.

3. Collins Perio Toothbrush

Ultra soft and slim, this toothbrush targets periodontal problems via a different course of action. The slim design gives users greater control, targeting specific areas of the mouth with clear-cut precision, compared to other larger designs. The bristles are ultra soft, providing a gentle, invigorating experience to enhance gum health.

A single problem with this toothbrush is that it is made from very hard plastics. Because the design is slim, it’s not impossible to have the brush slip from your hand and jab your gums, which can lead to further complications.

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