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10 Best Smelling Body Lotions 2020

Aside from improving skin’s overall health, look, and feel, lots of lotions also work well as a substitute for perfumes and colognes. So for people who don’t want to use too many products all at one time, a fragrant body lotion would be a great way to

10 Best Body Washes for Back Acne 2020

Body acne can be a real pain, and trying to clear up breakouts on your back isn’t exactly easy. It is difficult to reach this area of the body, and many of us don’t have a pal to help apply product every time we bathe! Of the

10 Best Body Paints 2020

If you’re looking for an affordable way to wow everyone at that yearly party or if you want to step up your kids’ Halloween costumes this year, body paint would be a smart, inexpensive, and easy way to add oomph to any costume or get-up. There are

6 Best Organic Body Washes 2020

With the amount of products used on the body every day, it is tight to be concerned about what they contain as these can be absorbed into the body through the skin. The use of chemicals in toiletries and body care products can result in a buildup

10 Best Body Washes for Dry Skin 2020

It is imperative that you treat your dry skin accordingly. Drier skin types can suffer numerous symptoms such as eczema or flaking or irritation. That is why it’s important that you use the right products for your skin and especially the best body wash for dry skin.

10 Best Body Washes for Acne 2020

Another day, another breakout. Another trip to the drugstore and another acne-fighting product that just doesn’t seem to work. It’s not always easy to find a decent product that will help you clear up your acne breakouts. What’s even worse is that you waste time and money

10 Best Organic Body Lotions 2020

Organic this and organic that. Organic, organic, organic! We see the word everywhere these days, but do all of us really know what it means? In our guide below, we will not only explain how the term is used in the skin care world but also present

10 Best Firming Body Lotions 2020

Whether you have some pesky cellulite you wish wasn’t there or you’re newly pregnant; you’re probably desperately on the hunt for the best firming body lotion. Firming body lotions have been around for ages. From the more natural option of Olive or Coconut oil to more carefully

10 Best Bath and Body Works Scents 2020

Considering the wide variety of fragrances that Bath and Body Works offers, you might be clueless when it comes to deciding which one is best suited for you. This is where we come in. We all agree that Bath and Body Works knows how to lure their

10 Best Smelling Body Washes 2020

You use it every single day without fail. You probably hardly give it much thought and just grab whichever one you find. Then you randomly come across one that leaves you smelling delicious all day long, and you realize that you simply can’t live without it. Body